Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm back!!!

Hey guys and gals, sorry for the embarrassingly long wait. Things have been crazy on this end, trying to make a run at the art race instead of tripping over my feet. Alot of what I've been doing recently has been graphic design oriented, mostly logos and other designs. It's fun taking on challenges like these, but the kid inside me keeps telling me to take off the tie and suite and get back to the things that excited me when I was young, what I really want to do with these hands of mine. So off in Neverland I've been, and here are the first fruits of my visit: I'm redesigning some of my favorite childhood characters, starting with the one and only Peter Pan. I tried going for a wild child boy, very tribal: a nature boy. I also wanted to portray him as mischievous, so you can see the over sized belt, taken from Hook no doubt, along with some trophies: the Captain's fine hooks! Anyway, I'll be showing some more love here in the coming weeks. Thanks for the support guys, take care, and I'll talk to you guys soon. God bless -


gumkid said...

jees man finally, some posting, looks good as always,

Bombproof said...

awesome! more!

Richie said...

yes you are back!! Good stuff man!