Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dream of the Rood

This was another fun piece, but I had to take a break from it for about 2 months before I knew how to finish it. The piece is based on the poem, "The Dream of the Rood", an Old English writing describing the journey Christ takes to the cross. The piece describes Christ as a heroic figure, a warrior battling his way to the tree where he must lay down his life for the sake of all. I started the piece knowing the certain elements I wanted to tie in, bringing a sort of Carravaggio feel to a Alphonse Mucha approach. I was halfway through the piece when I realized there was something missing. After two months working on other pieces, the mosiac background came to me, giving me the final product. Hope you enjoy.

This piece is 24" x 32", Oil on Board. 11" x 14" Prints are available by request via email.

Portrait of Katherine

This is a portrait of my girlfriend, Kat. She was patient to pose for so long. I seemed to finally get the shot I wanted, and thus we have the painting. Hope you enjoy.

This piece is 24" x 24", Acrylic on Board.


Here's a piece I did for a children's collection of the Brothers Grimm Tales, soon to be released. It was a really exciting experience illustrating one of my favorite tales as a kid. I always saw the character as a really dark, conniving individual, slaving over his work with a twisted grin. I'm sure I looked like this while painting it, haha. Hope you enjoy.

This piece is 24" x 32", Acrylic on Board.

The Harvest

This piece was fun, although it's meaning only came to me afterwards when talking with a friend. It's purpose at first was to simply be for a Halloween art show. Later on many told me they saw alot of messages and symbolism being sent from it, and soon I realized what it was for me. The cross undoubtibly is projected in the piece, and I guess I put myself in the shoes of the escaping child. Sometimes following my beliefs can be a scary feeling, and sometimes like Jonah you just wanna run. That's a good time to grow in whatever situation you're in, and find out what your really running from. Then again, there could be a kid out there running from a possessed scarecrow and a parade of zombies. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

This piece is 24" x 32", Oil on Board. 11" x 14" Prints are available by request via email.

The Healing

The subject of this painting is very near to me. I put myself in the place of the blind man everyday, asking for the ability to see and the ability to trust a being I can't see. Faith itself is a funny thing, when you have it, you put yourself in the most awkward situations, only sure of the outcome by hoping and praying. And in the end, you feel satisfied, and that your life has been filled with so many possibilities that were hard to see before.

This piece is 32" x 24", Oil on Board.