Saturday, November 8, 2008

Freelance, FREEDOM FORMULA, and all that jazz?

Well 2008 is getting more interesting and interesting as it comes to a close. It's had it's share of heavy downs and peaking ups, but I count my blessings and keep moving. I'm now officially in the freelance business, and have stepped into the shoes of professional comic book artist, which sounds weird because I have so, oh so much to learn. But it's extremely enjoyable and I love what I'm doing, so what can you say -
My first published comic came out a couple days ago. The title is FREEDOM FORMULA, writeen and created by Edmund Shern and the team over at imaginary friends studio. I jumped on the project midstream, doing the interior pencils. Radical comics, who's putting out the book, has been amazing to work with and has extreme potential. The title itself is in the works of possibly hitting the big screen sometime in the future, being handle by Bryan Singer (blush), who did X-Men 1 & 2.
But before I get too much on a tangent, with issue three in stores, I thought I'd post some of the pages I liked from the issue. I'm learning alot,a bulk of the learning curve coming at the end of the issue, but I'm learning what I can do and getting ideas of where I want to take my work. Hope you enjoy -



Richie said...

You sir, are one of Richie Pope's heroes (possibly a superhero).

Derek C. said...

Nice pages, I especially like the second page posted!
Rock on!

Willy C said...

Your composition is looking, especially the panels on the first page. Good storytelling. Keep it up!

Duncan Robertson said...

Nice work man, really! Your compositions are looking strong!