Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sketches plus The RVAnthology presents 'Rooftops'

For the past couple months I've been envolved with a group of friends here in Richmond called The RVAnthology (Richmond, VA). It's been an idea that has been brewing in the art community here for a while, but with the talent and work ethic of Eric Scott Pfieffer, Richie Pope, Julia Scott, and Nate Nelson, we finally made it happen. It's a collection of short stories we all came up with based around the city we've all come to love. Here's our mission statement:

To inspire other young artists to create their own future, to collaborate and work towards achieving even their most seemingly impossible goals.

We have a gallery opening on December 10 at the Whitley Gallery, here in Richmond. The images are from my story, 'Rooftops'. If you can make it, it'll be great to see you!!! As soon as we have information on ordering the books, I will post the information, but as of now, we have a first printing of 200 that is looking to sell out locally.

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Nice ! What kind of pencil or pen ink do you use to do them?