Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Harvest

This piece was fun, although it's meaning only came to me afterwards when talking with a friend. It's purpose at first was to simply be for a Halloween art show. Later on many told me they saw alot of messages and symbolism being sent from it, and soon I realized what it was for me. The cross undoubtibly is projected in the piece, and I guess I put myself in the shoes of the escaping child. Sometimes following my beliefs can be a scary feeling, and sometimes like Jonah you just wanna run. That's a good time to grow in whatever situation you're in, and find out what your really running from. Then again, there could be a kid out there running from a possessed scarecrow and a parade of zombies. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

This piece is 24" x 32", Oil on Board. 11" x 14" Prints are available by request via email.


jacobsteel said...

wow, I love this one.

rocky said...

hi chris :). i love this one most of all ;). can´t explain why... maybe cause it´s so mystical. regarding the text i´ve the same opinion;) be blessed. love your art!