Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Healing

The subject of this painting is very near to me. I put myself in the place of the blind man everyday, asking for the ability to see and the ability to trust a being I can't see. Faith itself is a funny thing, when you have it, you put yourself in the most awkward situations, only sure of the outcome by hoping and praying. And in the end, you feel satisfied, and that your life has been filled with so many possibilities that were hard to see before.

This piece is 32" x 24", Oil on Board.


g.owen said...

I like this one the best. I too was once blind, but now I see (symbolically speaking). I think you should keep going with your Christian themes. Some people people sing to God.....and some paint.

rocky said...

yes this one is shure one of the greatest! cool composing ;). hope we can see more of your christian works like greg said;) be blessed!