Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For the past few months, I got my hands on some of those old school composition books with the marble cover. Surprisingly they were available in an unlined format, so I've been filling them up with really quick observational sketches, thumbnails, writings and so forth. "Not much different from a normal sketchbook," you may add, but there's something about drawing in something that closely resembles computer paper, the same stuff that I drew on while my Dad cleaned up at his job when I was little. There's some freedom in drawing in it, and a breathe of fresh air from the delicious yet expensive moleskins. Anyway, it is a chance to loosen up and get the ideas down for me. Initially, I wasn't going to post any of these, but some friends convince me to post these, to if anything give a peek of my process.

Along with this post is my poster advertising the Richmond Anthology, which I am a part of. The show will be held December 10. It has been a great opportunity and an exciting ordeal to get a story on paper that has been on my mind for a while. I'll be hitting the blog up with more soon, but for now, back to work. Enjoy -


Pollock said...

Your job is all I like
I'll come back every days

gumkid said...

duderiot, these are nice